aoc.gitYearly Advent of Code work.JJ16 months
apus.gitA miniature web browser.JJ12 months
athena.gitSpartronics 4915's code for the FRC 2020 game: Infinite RechargeJJ3 years
bamboo.gitA simple web browser from scratch. Loosely based on months
chrysanthemum.gitA blossoming language.JJ12 months
config.gitConfiguration files for various devices.JJ12 months
dictionarium.gitA speedy, offline, command-line dictionary.JJ14 months
fib.gitthe fibonacci only you would give meJJ17 months
helix-patches.gitPatches to the Helix editor.JJ11 months
homestuck-companion.gitHomestuck Companion browser extension: displays commentary for and...JJ4 years
htmlstuck.gitNative playback of a certain multimedia webcomic through Ruffle.JJ12 months
misc.gitcursed little programsJJ12 months
nim-wayland.gitNim bindings for Wayland.JJ21 months
nim-wlroots.gitNim bindings for wlroots.JJ21 months
nim-xkbcommon.gitA light wrapper over months
pakku.gitA pacman wrapper with AUR support.JJ3 years
scripts.gitHelpful scripts in a variety of languages, collected in a central repository.JJ12 months
static-slack.gitA static site generator for exported Slack JSON files, designed to be lightweigh...JJ3 years
themes.gitPersonal color schemes for a variety of programs.JJ2 years
thunar-folder-thumbnails.gitCustom folder thumbnails for Tumbler, a thumbnail fetcher for Thunar. Supports P...JJ21 months
thunar-stl-thumbnails.gitGenerate thumbnails for STLs with Tumbler.JJ21 months
vim-heresy.githeresy.vim: Make Vim behave more like a "normal" editor (personal fork)JJ23 months